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Your Beebombs will return 21 sqft of the 97% of wildflower habitat Britain has lost since WW2.

Your Beebombs contain 18 species of wildflowers, native to Britain, wrapped in protective clay and nurturing soil. Sustainably handmade in Dorset and all designed to #bringthebeesback

Common Knapweed
Wild Carrot 
Lady's Bedstraw
Rough Hawkbit
Oxeye Daisy 
Ribwort Plantain
Self Heal 
Corn Marigold
Yellow Rattle
Common Sorrel
Salad Burnet
White Campion
Red Campion
Common Poppy
Corn Chamomile


How to Beebomb

No gardening, tilling or digging is required. Beebombs don't need to be planted or tended. Just throw your Beebombs onto cleared, sunny ground, water liberally, keeping the seeds damp, and awat your wildflowers. Wildflowers are hardy but a little slower to grow than many imported flowers. Some of the annuals should bloom in the first year, the perennials may take 2 years.

Price: £7.99

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